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Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc (CVG), owner of the KAB Seating and Stratos Seating brands, is proud to announce the arrival of the new KAB Seating Invictus Range of tractor seats.

Following a lengthy development process, the KAB Seating Invictus tractor seats have finally arrived in Australia. This new range of tractor seats encompases standard KAB 85, 15 and 11 suspensions combined with a brand new upper design (K6 upper). Designed to replace the E Series upper, this new K6 upper follows a similar concept to the E series uppers in relation to its basic shape, but takes user comfort to the next level.

Unlike the E series uppers, the new K6 range includes a 3 position seat slide feature which enables the tractor driver to customise the length of the seat pan to suit their own individual build. Another new feature is the addition of an independant seat cushion tilt adjustment. This feature allows the tractor driver to customise the angle of the seat cushion to suit their own comfort requirements.

A less obvious change from appearance perspective, but extremely noticable when test driving the seat is the improved shape of the backrest cushion. The K6 backrest cushion is over 60mm wider than that of the E6 backrest, whilst the side bolsters are much less pronounced thereby making the seat significantly more comfortable for the driver. This new K6 backrest shape now accomodates the backrest extension (previously used on the E series) much more comfortably. Combine this with a softer, more flexible backrest extension design and its easy to see that the E Series upper simply has no chance  of selling if pitted up against the K6 Invictus range.

The Invictus range of tractor seats is presently made up of 3 products, namely; the KAB 85K6, the KAB 15K6 and the KAB 11K6. Please visit the respective product pages on this website for more information or call us to discuss 1300 130 522.

Ongoing from this launch is the development of a our first semi-active suspension. Stay tuned to find out more in the near future.