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What Seat Is Suitable For My Vehicle?

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KAB 61-K4

Inventory Code: 61-K4
The KAB 61-K4 is a heavy duty Mechanical suspension seat. It has been specifically designed for extended use in the most severe environments. The advanced design can eliminate up to 70% of harmful vibrations, offers up to 60% reduced friction and up to 40% reduced spring rate. It is the only seat rated for a driver of 50kg to 170kg and is lap belt, 3 point belt and harness compatible.


KAB 61-K4 Features:

  • Mechanical suspension
  • Manual driver weight adjustment of 50kg to 170kg
  • Fore & aft adjustment
  • 160mm vertical suspension stroke
  • 60mm integral height adjustment
  • Ride Indicator
  • Backrest recline adjustment
  • Cushion length adjustment
  • 5 position mechanical lumbar support
  • 3 position seat cushion angle adjustment (0 -7.5 degrees)
  • Heater

Optional Accessories:

  • Lap Belt or 3 Point Belt or Harness Belt
  • Armrests & Headrest
  • Turntable/Swivel
  • K1 mid-back instead of K4 high-back. * Note K1 mid-back is not compatible with 3 point or harness seat belts.  
  • Protective covers

Available in:

  • Storm/Nimbus Cloth
  • Black Vinyl

Other Information: