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CVG GSX Smart Seatbelt System

Inventory Code: SmartSeatbeltSystem
The system is for rollover protection to help protect the driver from excessive injuries due to body flail. The system will automatically adjust to the occupant size once it is buckled and relaxes so the driver does not feel confined. If the system senses an 18 degree roll in the vehicle it will give short tugs on the belt as a warning to the driver. If the system senses a 30 degree roll in the vehicle it will give a hard pull to hold the driver in the seat in case of rollover. When the belt is unbuckled it will automatically retract and stow so the driver does not get entangled. These are programmable parameters that can be customized per application.


Features can be added to the system that will keep the driver alert and warn him if it senses the driver is falling asleep.

The TIS2TMIs Quick and Simple to Operate

Fasten the TIS2 and it automatically adjusts the belt length and tension to fit your size and shape. Unbuckle the TIS2 and it automatically retracts all belts allowing for quick and easy egress.

TIS2 Features

It automatically adjusts to fit your body size with your gear and will reset every time. A turn of the buckle quickly releases all belts in a single motion and allows occupant to exit vehicle rapidly. A remote release enables another person to quickly and easily release an injured occupant from the seat.

Available in 3, 4 and 5 mounting point configurations with multiple motorized seatbelt retractors, the TIS2 can be mounted belt-to-seat or belt-to-vehicle. The- TIS2 can be installed as original equipment at the OE factory or as a field retrofit safety system for:

  • Front seat driver
  • Front seat passengers
  • Back seat passengers
  • Rearward, inward and outward seated personnel
  • Specific vehicle operation stations
  • Gunner restraint system/Gunner protection package

When applied to the maximum comfort and optimum protection of the CVG GSX 24V, your safety is of the utmost importance. Designed by suspension seat experts using the latest technology the CVG GSX Smart Seatbelt System provides both superior ergonomic support and occupant safety.

By combining comfort and protection, CVG strives to bring you as many vital safety measures we can in the product we know best, quality vehicle seating.